Our Next Vista Video Project

Next Vista is an amazing resource, a truly educational site chock full of educational videos on a wide array of topics. What makes the site special is that every single video is written and produced for a student audience, most of them by students themselves. Next Vista is always receiving new submissions via its online contests, and our students in Taiwan have participated, winning several honors. For the “Cool Designs” contest in December 2013, four of our student videos received recognition:

Honorable Mention:

How to Say and Write “Shower” in Chinese


Five Fruits in Chinese


Chinese Words for the Five Senses (Parts of the Body)



How to Use Chopsticks


Tsai Hsing – and, specifically, the students in our 1:1 iPad bilingual program – is certainly lucky to have access to excellent educational and technological resources. Increasingly, though, students have access to media creation devices whether it is at home or in the classroom. So, teachers: why not change the script a bit? Submitting an educational video to Next Vista takes an otherwise routine assessment and makes it shareable with the world. It is an incredible motivator for students to produce excellent work by expanding the audience beyond the classroom walls.

We had already planned to continue to participate with Next Vista, but then we had a very special visitor who did even more to convince us. The dynamic Rushton Hurley (Next Vista’s founder) traveled over 6,000 miles to meet with our students and faculty in Taipei. Any time an esteemed educational leader like Mr. Hurley visits your class it’s an exceptional occasion; that he came so far to do so made it a true honor.


Mr. Hurley presented an award of recognition to the school for the work students did to contribute videos of sufficient quality to be added to NextVista.org’s online library. He discussed the elements that made these videos exceptional: mainly, use of various types of media (video, pictures, drawings, and text), expressive tone, and a focused objective that is clearly explained. Mr. Hurley’s visit left our students feeling inspired and believing that the modern world makes it even easier for them to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

In the short term, that includes participating in many more of Next Vista’s video projects.

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