Moe’s Blog: A 5th Grade Student’s Perspective on Distance Learning Class

Hello, friends! My name is Moe. I’m a fifth grader studying in Taiwan at Tsai Hsing Elementary School. Today, let’s talk about our special and interesting English class.


There is a special class in our school which is called distant learning class. We have video teleconference calls with teachers in America. We learn many interesting things. Last semester, we studied different biomes and rainforests, and we also learned math in English. Although I wasn’t used to learning in English last semester, now, I clearly understand the content in class and I like it a lot.

Of course, any great class has a wonderful teacher. We have two great teachers from California. The first few minutes in class, we chat and the teachers will talk about interesting things that happened to them. And then, they use easy and humorous ways to teach us some new knowledge. We also have assignments that we really have to use our brains to think about. It is not as easy as the traditional homework, such as memorizing vocabularies. We have to read an article, understand it, and write our own opinion about it. Instead of copying the answers, we have to think about the information in different ways. It helps us to think outside of the box.


During class, we also have a lot of group work. We work with classmates in a group of four, and the teachers want us to utilize the different abilities of different teammates and work together. The best example was the presentation of “How Do People Celebrate New Year All around the World.” First, we had to find a website for kids where we can look for information. Then, we chose a country we would like to write about. We read an article about the country and made a Google Slide presentation. Each of us made one page of the presentation. So a six-page Google slide presentation was made from our team effort.


This semester we are studying about Confucius, the great teacher in ancient China. We are learning his legacy and his main ideas. We know that he tried to tell the world about “virtue”, and he tried to put his ideas into practice.



For our assignment, instead of think about things that we already know, we have to think forward. We have to think about the “virtue” for typical jobs in modern life. For example, how should a president behave, or what does virtue mean to a citizen? We also compare different virtues for each job.


I know that many of our classmates think that this class is hard. It seems like it’s a lot of pressure for them, but I think this class is very practical for me. First, it improves my English abilities, no matter if is it grammar, understanding, or researching with the iPad. Second, it also gives me the chance to challenge myself to do my best job, and I will always try to make the assignment perfect in the shortest time I have. Third, it helps me understand how kids from other countries learn in class. I also get to do many things that I never had a chance to do, such as making a presentation, making a map or drawing a comic book. All of them make me feel excited.


I also try my best to help my classmates and I have to say that they are showing great progress. It is pretty difficult, but before, some of our classmates couldn’t communicate with English speakers. Now, they can talk fluently and with confidence.

Well, those are most of the things we do in the distant learning class, but that’s not all, I will keep posting photos and interesting things about our class. I also hope you like it. Farewell!


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