Join the Big Dayta Project: International Collaboration for K12 Students

Big Dayta is growing and we invite you to spread the word! 


Big Dayta is a collaborative international project that was started in 2015. It has over 900 student participants to date. We provide resources for teachers to use Big Dayta, including an idea guide (all of aligned with Common Core standards for Math and ELA). Recently we’ve developed introductory presentations for teachers to use in the classroom (check out our previous blog post for links and details). In the coming months we’ll be developing a Project Based Learning (PBL) unit for middle school. This will enable teachers to customize the basic project for their students’ interests. We will also be providing worksheets for teachers who want to use Big Dayta for a one-off lesson of a single period that asks Common Core-aligned questions. The sheets update numbers automatically as more students join Big Dayta. 

Now we want to spread the word about the project and its resources, and that’s where you come in! Follow us on Twitter @BigDayta where we’ll be announcing new resources and reaching out toteachers and others in the education field who are not in the classroom. 

Big Dayta is a chance for educators to make use of human curiosity to motivate deep data exploration and dramatic skill development. Check out the Big Dayta website for more information. Follow us on Twitter @BigDayta and reach us by email at


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