Shelter-in-Place Superheroes: BGL’s New FREE INTERACTIVE LIVESTREAM Weekly Event!

superheroes flier.png

 Shelter-in-Place Superheroes

Thursdays in April at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific! 

Shelter-in-Place Superheroes: it’s a short variety show that YOU can be a part of (if you choose)!

Right now, we’re all superheroes! We’re protecting the community by staying at home and keeping the coronavirus from spreading around! Thank you, superhero!

Would you like to meet some other superheroes who are doing the same thing? Then join us for Shelter-in-Place Superheroes where we’ll meet some new friends and talk about how we’re all Feeling Fun!

Vida tells jokes!
Jackie dances!
Lucas plays music!
Courtney trains her dog!
Jimmy and Bella do flips!
Travis, Teddy and Ava do science, and notice things!
Lance and Kris play puppets!
Arielle gardens!
Tutu is mindful!

At the end, you can choose to share your quarantine superpower – art, singing, dancing, and more – with Teacher Seth and other Shelter-in-Place Superheroes!

Then, we’ll see you there on Thursdays in April at 10am Pacific!

*Recommended age groups: 3 to 10 years old. Requires Zoom (free download) and parent supervision.

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Also check out CILC’s Community of Learning – live virtual field trips throughout the learning day via sign ups.

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