This 4-Year Old Loves the ZooAmerica Livestream

The following is from BGL’s founder, Seth.

Many thanks to awesome educator Kirstin Edwards for this extremely thorough list of virtual field trips and livestreams that are available during school closures.

It was there that I discovered my four year old’s new favorite livestream: ZooAmerica.

Here I ask him what he’s watching and he says, “The zoo, and it’s happening right now!” Even at 4 years old the concept of the stream being live added an extra level of excitement.

The zoo caretakers are extremely knowledgeable and answer live questions (submitted via the FaceBook page) using language that is accessible for young learners. Plus, the 15-minute running time provides a much-needed break for this tired parent in Week 2 of school closures.

Afterwards we looked up some more otter videos on YouTube and “played otter” for a while in the living room. I will follow up tomorrow with more otter related activities (drawing! Playing with the letters o, t, e and r! More playing otter!) to reinforce the learning.

So, check it out! ZooAmerica livestreams every day from their FaceBook page at 11am Eastern.

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