Shelter-in-Place Superheroes Livestream: Episode 3 – Make the Best Choices

Thanks to everyone who participated in BGL’s Shelter-in-Place Superheroes Livestream on April 16!

Superheroes always do the right thing. But how do we do the right thing? In episode 1 we talked about how superheroes know their own emotions and how to get back to the calm and mindful “green zone,” which is the best place from which to make decisions. In episode 2 we talked about how superheroes notice other people to see through their eyes, hear with their ears and feel with their hearts. In this episode we talk about how if you can do both of these things then you can make the best choices: the ones that are not only good for you but also for others!

At the end of the livestream many families joined the video call to share their own super powers and the great choices they made this week. It was awesome! To respect their privacy we left that part out of the video, but the rest of it is here! Enjoy, superheroes!

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